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Roy S. Shelburne, DDS

Dr. Shelburne Will Enlighten Your Audience

If you’re looking for a speaker who has the real-life experience to back up his presentations, look no further than Roy S Shelburne, DDS. With over 36 years of experience in dentistry and 8 years of experience as a speaker, Roy has learned the hard way what it takes to thrive in this field. A dedicated speaker, consultant, and writer, Roy is passionate about sharing his story with his colleagues in the dental field to help protect them from legal consequences while increasing the profitability of their practices.

This course will provide up-to-date information on recent CDT coding changes and help you maximize legitimate reimbursement while offering greater legal protection.

Cracking the Code: Coding Essentials, CDT, and ICD

Raising the Reimbursement Roof while Reducing Regulatory Risk

Administrative mistakes can be devastating to a practice. Learning proper use of codes and documentation can maximize reimbursements, reduce risk, and lower stress.

Presentation Topics

Implementing better quality control systems can improve patient outcomes, increase revenue, and reduce the stress in your practice. Small changes can have big benefits.

Stop the Insanity by Doing Things Differently

Be Free At Last

Clinical Records Prevent Criminal Records

Recognize that if something is not in your dental record, it does not legally exist. Prepare your team to deal with potential legal challenges through diligent and clear recordkeeping.

Maneuvering the Dental Minefield

Recognize the dangers inherent to improper coding and recordkeeping. By avoiding the most common coding mistakes, you can protect yourself and receive timely payments.

We’re all in bondage to something. To be truly free to thrive and succeed, we must be able to recognize what’s holding us back and dedicate our energy to what matters.

About Dr. Shelburne

Roy S Shelburne, DDS is a 1981 Honor Graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University's School of Dentistry. After graduation, Roy opened his practice in his grandfather's old hardware store. He has served as president of the Southwest Virginia Dental Society and has volunteered at Virginia's various MOM projects across the state. Roy has also served as a short-term missionary to Honduras with Baptist Medical Missions International.  

Some dentists may fear litigation, but few worry about going to prison. On October 24, 2003, the FBI broke down the back door of Roy’s office and confiscated all of his business and dental records. Over the course of the next 3 years, every aspect of his life was subjected to the closest scrutiny. He was indicted in October of 2006. In March of 2008, Roy was found guilty of healthcare fraud, racketeering, and money laundering, and spent 19 months incarcerated at the Federal Prison Camp in Manchester, KY before his release in 2010.

During the investigation and trial, it became apparent that his records, billing, and coding systems were faulty, and that ignorance is no excuse. While incarcerated, Roy had ample time to reflect on his life and found that true release comes when we draw from our strength, character, vision, wisdom, and experience. A speaker, consultant, and writer, Roy now specializes in records keeping and business systems that protect and defend other doctors from facing the same troubles.

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Roy S. Shelburne, DDS

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Speaker | Consultant | Writer | Coach

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